Swimwear Care/Tips/Instructions

***Never machine wash or dry your suit***
To keep your Candy Bee suit looking new and fresh: HAND WASH or at the very least rinse your suit off immediately after frolicking in salt or chlorine water. Wash with mild soap and cold water. Gently scrub the suit and hardware (chains, connectors, rings, etc.) if needed. Rinse suit off until the water runs clear. Blot the suit and hardware with a towel, and hang dry. Do not put in direct sunlight to avoid fading.
Avoid rough surfaces when wearing your suit.
Newer suits will sometimes bleed; this will stop after a few washes.
Follow regular suit care as described above. 
Most spray tans should come off if washed immediately after your compeition - the longer you wait to wash your suit the more likely the spray tan will settle in the fabric and not come off.