NPC Bikini (No Connectors) Start Building Your Suit from Here

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0.50 LBS
$5.80 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

NPC Bikini -this is just the suit itself, custom fit and tailored to your body - no connectors, just tie straps.

You are free to upgrade and get crystal connector and stones to personalize your suit. Connector upgrades include, but are not limited to: A set of 2 for the top straps, A set of 2 for the bottom straps and 1 center connector for the top. You can also request crystal connectors for the back of the top as well. 

Connectors price range is as low as $8 to $55 for a set of 2. You can choose which connectors you prefer for the top/bottom of the suit. 

All the suits are made with extra straps on the sides of  the bottom, so in the event it needs to be let out, there is plenty of material to do so. There is also a slot on the back of the top for inserts. 

ALL SALES ARE FINAL, however, we do exchange/alter suits if they don’t fit properly, and store credit is and option as well.