Build Your Own Competition Suit

Thank you for your interest in Candy Bee Swimwear! We understand the hard work, dedication and discipline it takes for an individual to train not only their body, but their mind to compete in an NPC competition. You’re going to look your absolute best on stage, so you’re going to need a suit that can match. With Candy Bee Swimwear, you can build your own custom competition suit; choose the cut, color, crystal connectors, rhinestone designs, etc, and the best part is, if it doesn’t fit you properly, we will gladly exchange or alter your suit until you are happy.

Construction time for suits usually take 3-14 business days which depends on the complexity of stoning for the suit. I mail out priority mail from San Diego, Ca which takes 1-3 days depending on your location. 

ALL SALES ARE FINAL, however, we do exchange/alter suits if they don’t fit properly, and store credit is and option as well.

To get started on building your custom competition suit, review the guide below  to help you get an idea of the ordering process, the different cut/styles/options, and measuring guide for custom competition NPC Bikini and Figure suits.

Connector Options and Costs

The most basic suit starts at $90 - this is just the suit itself, custom fit and tailored to your body - no connectors, just tie straps. Start with adding "NPC Bikini (No Connectors)" to your cart. Here you will be asked to provide your competition date, color choice and sizing info. Please see below for measuring guide. If you can not measure yourself, you can leave the measurment section blank, however, you must indicate your bra and pant size. 

You are free to upgrade and get crystal connector and stones to personalize your suit. Connector upgrades include, but are not limited to: A set of 2 for the top straps, A set of 2 for the bottom straps and 1 center connector for the top. You can also request crystal connectors for the back of the top as well. Browse the top/bottom/center connector options and simply add your connectors of choice to your cart. all connectors come in sets of 2 (except the connector). If ordering the same connector for both the top and bottom of the suit, please use quanity 2 (Two sets); you will receive 4 total. 

BC* Bottom Connector Only - This indicates that this connector is intended for just the bottom connectors of the suit. 

Connectors price range is as low as $8 to $55 for a set of 2.

Rhinestone Design Upgrades

We use high quality, crystal rhinestones (made of glass). The crystals are adhered to the top and bottom, by hand, on the front and back, of your competition suit with very durable adhesive, then heat pressed to ensure they're secure. Comes with extras crystals (10-20) in the event any of them should ever fall off. Below are the different rhinstone upgrade options

Basic rhinestone upgrade: $30 for one color stone of choice; 200-350 crystals

Deluxe rhinestone upgrade: $60 for one color stone of choice; 500-700 crystals. $70 for 2-3 color stones of choice; 600-800 crystals

Diva Deluxe rhinestone upgrade: $160 for one color stone; 1,300-1,500 crystals. $180 for 2-3 color stones of choice; 1,400-1,600 crystals

Blinged Out/Fully Encrusted: $260 for one color; 2,000+ crystals. $275 for 2-4 color stones of choice; 2,000+ crystals

Rain Drop Design Upgrade: $65 for one color stone of choice; $75 for 2 color stones of choice; $90 for 3+ color stones of choice.

Custom Designs: Prices vary depending on the complexity of the suit.  Please consult with me for design styles and price quotes.


Suit Cut and Styles


All suit tops have a slot for removable inserts. Every suit comes with a thin basic insert. A silicone insert can be purchased for an additional cost of $10. Silicone inserts can enhance your bust up to one full cup size.  


The bottom sides of the triangle tops are sewn to the center connector to create extra lift in the bust. If there is too much lift, the stiches can be easily cut and removed so the triangles can shift to your likely. 

A standard triangle is a triangle that has the same dimensions on all sides. This cut is perfect for most.

The skinny triangle is long and narrow. This shape works best on smaller breasts.


There are 3 different coverages for the back of the bottoms. Micro, medium and full. Micro is the most common.

You can also have the butterfly cut in the back of the bottoms or a v shape. Green is a v and Red is butterfly cut – which is most popular and makes your glutes look more round and full.


Measurement Guide


Top Length:

Measure the length you would like for your top. The length in the photo would be 6 1/2" A good guide on where your suit should start from the top is the middle section in-between your nipple and armpit. 


Top Width:

Measure the width of the top from the middle. If you prefer a skinny triangle, please let me know so I can adjust the measurements accordingly. The width if the top in the picture would be 5".






Measure where you would like your bottoms to start in the front all the way to the back where your butt crack (for lack of a better description lol) ends. Usually the front starts where your undergarments sit. The picture shown looks like 11" but there is scrunch in the back; it's really a 14" so please make sure to measure your body, not your garments.




Measure your hips where your suit would sit. Usually this is where your undergarments sits vs a regular bikini. 




That’s it! Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions and/or concerns 



Candy Bee