About Us

Designer Bio

Candy Bee Champa was born and raised in sunny San Diego. Her mother, is also a designer/seamstress, so she was surrounded by fashion and clothing design at a very early age. Driven by her passion for fashion, and resolve to find a means to pay for college, she sought out a position at local retail stores at the age of 15. After 6 years of working part time in the fashion and retail industry, she moved on to work full time in the real estate and real estate law industry. In 2008 she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from SDSU and then continued her education at National University and received a Master’s Degree in Communications in 2010.

The Birth of the Line

In 2012 she started creating sassy swimwear designs for herself and her friends. Eventually inquiries and requests for suits started growing quickly and in 2014 she decided, fashion design wasn’t just a part-time hobby, but a full time dream and career that she wanted to pursue. She left her position at the real estate law firm of 7 years, to devote all her time, energy and resources into building the Candy Bee Brand. 

The Line

Candy Bee Collection is an eclectic brand of sassy and sensual swimwear, resort wear and evening wear. Every piece is handmade and designed by Candy herself, and custom pieces are sometimes a collaboration design with the client. The designs are a combo of racy fashion, and versatility. Most of the suits are reversible for optimal wear and seamless for comfort; designs can be worn at the beach or pool, or styled for a day or night on the town.  

Quality and exclusivity are of the utmost importance to the brand. Each garment is unique and tailored for each fashionista. All rhinestones are carefully hand adhered or hand sewn for durability. Bodysuits are made so they fit like a glove, but move with ease. Gowns and dresses are designed to enhance and move with the curves of every woman’s body. Each cut, seam and stitch are all strategically placed for a lavish and sensual appeal that will leave every onlooker wanting more.